Energy Trading

The Energy Trading & Supply team under Energy Trading Department aims to increase stakeholder’s value by developing new products and providing liquidity in the market by conducting the asset-backed and proprietary trading taking into account price volatility, commodity/price differentiation and market liquidity. The operations are conducted with the support of a strong Trading Optimization implementing the Akenerji risk policies and providing commodities price forecast through fundamental and technical analysis. The Trading Support and Operations team on the other hand cover all contracts matters whether be local or international (EFET, ISDA contracts). 

Products Offered:

• Financial and physical products
• BOTAŞ, TEDAŞ and Brent indexed products
• Derivative products
• Virtual Power Plants
• Base, peak, swap or custom designed products
• Cross border electricity or capacity products
• International electricity markets
• Local & International market access services. 

Our expertise in various markets and our price forecasting ability strengthens our ability to meet our stakeholders and customers’ requirements through various products and also optimize our generation fleet dispatch. 

Since its establishment in 1989, Akenerji has remained a reliable market partner with strong financial strength that continues to lead the market. Over 80 framework agreements with other market participants is a statement to that end. If you have any question, you can reach the trading team with the following e-mail address: