CDP Turkey 2014 Rating Results are Announced 2014 - 12.11.2014

Akenerji’s transparency rate was announced as 85, and performance rate as C in the 2013 report for the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in which Akenerji participated within the scope of sustainability. 28 of BIST-100 companies attended the project for the 2013 report. The project enables companies and governments to disclose their climate change and carbon emission strategies to the public, and allows them to enhance their performances in light of their goal to reduce emissions.

About CDP

Initiated in 2000 to collect and share information that will enable companies, investors and governments to take precautions against the climate change threat, CDP functions as a global platform whereby almost 5,000 institutions from circa 60 countries around the world report and disclose to the public their greenhouse emissions, management of their water resources, and climate change strategies. It is now possible to conduct an efficient emission management performance assessment in a global sense, thanks to the transparent disclosure of corporations’ carbon emission mitigation goals and climate strategies to the public and investors.

Akenerji continues Stakeholder Dialogues with Locals in HPPs - 13.11.2014

In Adıyaman on Thursday November 6, Akenerji organized the third HPP information meeting, following the meetings held in Adana and Trabzon. The meetings’ purpose is to provide general information about hydroelectric power plants, cautioning people about possible dangers, and answering locals’ questions. This time, we visited Kızılin Yılmaz Yığılı and Yeşiltepe schools, and we convened with students and teachers.

During this introductory meeting, information was provided about the processing of Burç and Bulam Hydroelectric Power Plants, which became operational in Adıyaman, and about personal security precautions that the public needs to know concerning hydroelectric power plants in general. Thanks to this meeting, where questions by both students and teachers were answered, 223 students and 18 teachers were enlightened. In addition to the hydroelectric power plants, the students were informed about renewable power and electricity generation through presentations made during the meeting. Akenerji intends to continue HPP introductory meetings in various provinces following Adıyaman.


We commenced Greenhouse Gas Emission Tracking - 14.10.2014

The “Greenhouse Gas Tracking Plan”, prepared for Erzin Natural Gas Power Plant within the scope of the “Regulation on Tracking Greenhouse Gas Emissions”, has been entered into the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization’s online system as of end September, including information about the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the plant’s power generation, and the method of tracking and calculating this amount. Accordingly, greenhouse gas will be tracked after approval is obtained from the Ministry. Once tracking, verification and reporting of greenhouse gas emission becomes functional, the Ministry will have measurable, reportable and verifiable emission data.

Second Stop Trabzon in Akenerji HPP Meetings - July 2014 Akkök e-bulletin

Akenerji organized the second HPP introductory meeting in Çankaya, Trabzon, after the first one in Adana in December. During this introductory meeting, information was provided about hydroelectric power plants in general, about personal security precautions in case of possible threats, and the problems of locals were heard. After the meeting, we visited Araklı Çankaya Boarding School and Akenerji convened with students and teachers.