Sustainability Reports

Being one of Turkey’s long established power generation companies, solutions which will minimize environmental and social risks are among the top priority in all our production-based operations. Akenerji constantly develops to meet needs in light of market and global trends, and we invest in bright Turkey’s future. We take modern steps in the field of sustainable power by means of our future oriented projects, proactive approach, and decision mechanisms adhering to international standards.

We develop and publish our sustainability reports in line with the expectations primarily of our employees, customers, credit facility institutions and locals in the region where we operate.

The Company top management’s know how, awareness and leadership are the key factors while integrating environmental, social and ethical responsibilities with corporate culture. The Board of Directors is the ultimate party responsible for management of these issues. Urgent and vital situations oriented to our environmental and Occupational Health and Safety are immediately notified to the Akenerji Management Committee. Key environmental and social performance data pertaining to our power plants and project areas are separately reported to the Board of Directors. Furthermore, the annual periodic environmental and social performance monitoring reports we prepared for the institutions in which we participate and for financial institutions based on agreements that we are party to and the annual sustainability reports,, are also reported to the Board of Directors through the Management Committee.

Akenerji Sustainability Report 2020

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