Verified Emission Reduction Certificates

Carbon footprint reduction has become an important performance measurement tool for corporations. Most institutions in the world, regardless of their scale, want to create added value for a sustainable future.

Akenerji has been established in 1989 as the first private power company in the energy sector in Turkey. Throughout more than 31 years Akenerji has become one of the most prominent companies in the energy sector. Moreover since 2011, we have been participating in Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and ranked as the first power company in Turkey to be included in the CDP Water program on a voluntary basis in 2015. You can access our Sustainability Reports from

Our company is strongly committed to fulfill its responsibilities towards the environment and the society.

Akenerji owns 8 renewable power plants, which are currently operating in 4 different cities in Turkey, with a total installed capacity of 320 MW.

Our renewable energy investments also own carbon offset certificates such as VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) & Gold Standard & Social Carbon. All certificates have been issued in the name of our entity by international organizations with the approval of independent auditors.

You may find the detailed presentation about carbon offset mechanism, our renewable energy power plants and certificates we own below.

If you are planning to offset your carbon emissions, you may contact us directly from, support our projects and help build up a sustainable future together.


Akenerji Carbon Offset Presentation