Our Approach

While quality, environment and occupational health safety policies constitute the basis of our sustainability approach, our risk management, ethical and corporate governance notions are also key determinants. The basic components of our strategy are compliance with regulations, high customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, protection of natural capital, minimizing environmental and social risks, and more environment friendly production.

Sustainability Committee

It has been decided to establish a Sustainability Committee in order to carry out the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) studies in our company, to establish and follow up the necessary policies, and carry out the necessary studies within the Sustainability Principles Compliance Framework in accordance with our company’s activities.  Committee members consist of Sustainability, Occupational Health and Safety, Strategic Planning and Risk, Operation and Maintenance, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Treasury and Finance, Trade Optimization, Asset Management & Origination, Electricity Trading, Fuel Procurement & Trading Manager, Energy Services and Procurement Managers/Executives that work under the Deputy General Manager of Power Generation.