Asset Management and Origination

The Asset Management and Origination team manages the short term commercial planning and optimization of the 1.224 MW installed capacity of Akenerji which consists of one natural gas fired combined cycle power plant, 7 hydro and 1 wind plant with the support of the Trading Optimization team. 
Stakeholders are provided according to their requirements and expectations various products and services with a principle of win-win which aim to add value.
For this purpose; customized and structured business models and services such as Asset Management Services, Balancing Group and Imbalance Management are provided.
Products and services offered are:
• Short term management and commercial optimization in the Day Ahead and Balancing Market
• Tracking and managing imbalances in the Intra-Day Market
• Ancillary Services
• Coordination between plant operators and the system operator
• Scheduling of bilateral contracts



The power plants in operation with their capacity and annual output can be found below: