Employee Profile

Common Competencies of Akenerji Employees

Communication: Attaching importance to sharing information and opinions, Akenerji staff benefit from various written and/or verbal tools. The staff ensure that all information they pass on to individuals and/or groups is understood clearly, and follows up developments related to that particular issue.

Persuasion: Akenerji staff carry out projects within the scope of corporate culture, to ensure the acceptance of opinions and plans that they believe. The staff demonstrate appropriate attitude and behavior towards different persons, situations and tasks, by means of their ability to communicate effectively.

Result Oriented: Focused on continuous development, Akenerji staff work determinedly to attain and exceed the high goals they set, both for themselves and for their team. They regularly measure developments they attain towards reaching their targets, and develop new strategies.

Creating Collaboration: Akenerji staff achieve their business goals effectively by means of robust collaborations that they establish between their work area and other areas, teams, departments and units.

Planning and Organization: Akenerji staff create action plans, both for themselves and their team, in order to complete their work in the most optimized manner, in terms of quality and efficiency.

Decision Making: In any a situation, the first action of Akenerji staff is to define and understand the problems and opportunities. They assess data incoming from other different sources. The staff determine the approach that will take to reach the most appropriate solution, and take action accordingly by considering data, restrictions and possible results.

Customer Orientation: Regarding customer needs and expectations as the focus of all business processes, Akenerji staff pay attention to efficiency and development of customer relations for this purpose.

* State that all charts are prepared as of December 2014, and we will be updating them on a quarterly basis