Akkök Holding

Founded in 1952 by the late Raif Dinçkök, and with deep know-how spanning 68 years, Akkök Holding ranks among the most well established industrial groups in Turkey. The Group conducts operations in the fields of chemicals, energy and real estate, with 19 commercial and industrial enterprises, one of which is overseas, and with 19 production plants. By closely following the trends in the world’s markets and in its operating industries, Akkök Holding aims to catch up with the global competition, and achieve world-class standards together with all the companies under its roof.

Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayi A.Ş. was founded in Yalova to meet the requirements for acrylic fiber in Turkey in 1968, and started production in 1971 with an annual capacity of 5000 tons. Becoming the largest acrylic fiber producer in the world with its investments and innovations, Aksa is a world giant with approximately 300 customers in 50 cities on 5 continents. With 1200 employees, a production area of 502,000 square meters, and annual capacity of 330,000 tons, it is the largest acrylic fiber producer in the world and the only producer in Turkey. Along with textile fibers, Aksa initiated outdoor fiber production in 2001 and is becoming more ambitious within the technical fiber industry for products such as flock tow, homopolymer and filament thread.

DowAksa was established in 2012 as a joint venture of the Dow Chemical Company and Aksa Acrylic San A.Ş., with the aim of providing a wide range of products and technical services to the global composites industry, whose raw material is carbon fiber. Thanks to Dow’s knowledge and experience in resins, and Aksa’s infrastructure, which allows for growth, today DowAksa is one of the strongest companies vying for leadership in the production of carbon fiber and carbon fiber intermediate materials market. Moreover, DowAksa is the first and only Turkish company in the carbon fiber industry. DowAksa provides carbon fiber composite solutions to industrial sectors, namely the energy, transportation, defense and infrastructure sectors.

Turkey’s leading chemicals manufacturer, Ak-Kim was established in Yalova in 1977 and has expanded its production activities in the past 42 years in many different areas. It is a chemical company serving its customers with a wide range of products covering chlorine alkali and its derivatives, peroxides, methylamines, persulfates, bisulfites, textile auxiliaries, paper and water treatment chemicals, concrete additives and plastic additives with exports to six continents.

The company, which is the market leader in many products in basic chemicals and performance chemicals, provides services to the cleaning, chemistry, textile, paper, water treatment, food, metal, pesticide, energy, building, mining, plastic and construction sectors. Together with its subsidiaries, it has close to 1,000 employees with production facilities in 6 different locations. It has a special place in the chemical industry with its structure, offering various products for different sectors.

Akcoat, which made its first production in 1979, continues its production in 4 different product groups including ceramics, enamel, non-stick coatings and pigments in a total of 60,000 m2 fully automated facilities located in Sakarya 2 Organized Industrial Zone. Akcoat was included in the Akkök Group of Companies as of 2015. At the end of 2017, it acquired the Spanish Megacolor company, which is one of the significant players in the ceramic industry, producing inkjet ink and pigment.

With some 70% market share in enamel and ceramic in Turkey, Akcoat is the 2nd largest manufacturer of enamel in the world and the leader in its sector in Turkey. Ackoat has 132,500 tons of annual production capacity, more than 400 employees in Turkey and Spain, up to 1,000 indirect employees, customers in 60 countries in 6 continents and a 13% global market share.

Akiş REIT, the real estate investment company operating under Akkök Holding, continues to develop projects that help improve quality of life in the regions where it operates. The company successfully runs the Akbatı Shopping Mall and Akasya projects, and as an alternative to shopping center investments, is involved in street retailing projects on Bağdat Street. Akiş REIT has cooperated with Beymen for the Uşaklıgil Apartment in its first high street retail project, and the store opened its doors to visitors in September 2017. In 2018, the Company made its first move abroad with an investment in a housing project developed in the UK. Akiş REIT completed the required applications in 2019 to become a UN Global Compact participant, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

KidZania, established in 2014 on an area of 10 thousand m2 in Akasya Shopping Mall, is a country of children operating in 29 cities in 22 countries. KidZania Istanbul offers learning services for families with children while having fun. It is a real city with more than 120 roles in 67 different activity areas with its bank, supermarket, fire station, hospital, earthquake simulation center, courier, stadium, streets and square. KidZania Istanbul is a special place where children between the ages of 0-14 are able to experience different professions, socialize with their peers, and expand their competence in many areas from financial literacy to social skills. KidZania supports the development of children’s values such as responsibility, respect, solidarity, harmony, self-confidence, awareness and tolerance.

Adding dynamism to the social life of the city, Akmerkez Shopping Mall, continues to add value to the lives of its guests with services such as its award winning project, “Agriculture at the Terrace” that proves that a sustainable life is possible in the city. Services such as Turkish Airlines Miniport, click & collect, shopping delivery, cloakroom and left luggage, provided within the “Easy Point”, and renewed according to current needs are available here. The “Kids Zone” and “Mother & Child Meeting Center” that were set up in 2019, provides both parents and children with an entertainment, a relaxation and a social zone throughout the year. Achieving a first in Turkey by winning the Best Shopping Center in Europe award in 1995 and in the World award in 1996 presented by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), Akmerkez improves itself constantly with projects adding value to city life.

Starting its activities as an auto-producer group in the Akkök Group of Companies in 1989, Akenerji has been operating as an independent power generation company since 2005. With the 50-50 strategic partnership of Akkök Holding and CEZ, the Company has installed power of 1,224 MW.

Sepaş Enerji, a strategic partnership between Akkök Holding and CEZ Group, which is considered as one of Europe’s 10 largest energy firms, is one of Turkey’s 21 authorized supply companies. Sepaş Enerji supplies electricity to 1.7 million consumers all over Turkey, mainly in Bolu, Düzce, Sakarya and Kocaeli.

Sakarya Electricity Distribution Inc. (SEDAŞ) provides energy distribution services to 1.9 million consumers in Sakarya, Kocaeli, Bolu and Düzce. SEDAŞ carries out its operations through its 33 distribution centers and a total of 22 Customer Services Centers. As of the end of 2019, the total electricity distributed in the 4 provinces in the Eastern Marmara region stood at 9.5 billion kWh.

Aktek was established in 2007 with the aim of guiding its customers, especially the Akkök group, by providing added value in the field of information technologies, to conduct feasibility studies, to come up with projects and to help them realize these projects economically and efficiently. According to the research on the “IT 500” list, Aktek ranked 134th in 2018 and 12th in System Integrator Services.